Chatting out of the sewing box with Emilie from Maison Fauve

05 November 2021

In this new blog series "Chatting out of the sewing box with..."* I am happy to introduce you to people who inspire me and without whom I would never have sewn all the clothes you find on this blog. They have answered some questions so we get to know them and their brand better and to give us an insight into their work. 

Today we start with Emilie, founder of the French pattern label Maison Fauve, which she created five years ago to express her fascination for fashion design and clothing and shares this with us through her patterns. And this is just how you imagine French fashion to be: classically elegant, characterized by casualness and lightness. Suitable for everyday use, but at the same time a little extravagant. Emilie has already designed countless dresses, blouses, skirts, pants and even coats, which make up entire collections inspired by specific themes and telling their own stories.

Emilie, who has a great passion for art, chose the name "Maison Fauve" as a reference to Fauvism, a style of painting that emerged from a movement within the French avant-garde at the beginning of the 20th century.

It was only in March of this year that she gave up her profession as a dentist in order to dedicate herself entirely to Maison Fauve.

* "Chatting out of the sewing box" (Aus dem Nähkästchen plaudern)  is as german idiom, meaning that someone reveals something secret.  This comes from the fact that women used to hide secret things in their sewing box. 

©Maison Fauve
©Maison Fauve

How would you describe the style of Maison Fauve?
Feminine, with a detail that changes the look. Never be afraid to be overdressed, just love your clothes and be proud that you made them!


What does a typical working day look like and what does a day off look like?
I no longer have a typical workday. As the director of a small business I have to deal with many things: my printer, shipping, customer service, creating content for my website and social media, thinking about the next shooting, the next collection, filming sewing tutorials. This is sometimes exhausting, but I would never return to my dental practice :).

When I have time off, I like spending time with my family and taking care of my children.


From the idea to the realization of a pattern. What does the process look like and how long does it take?
It always starts with drawing. I draw many silhouettes and volumes, even more than details. In the meantime I think about the theme of the future collection. I want to create a complete wardrobe for every season, so I try to work on pieces that complement each other. Then I work on the cut and make a sample piece, which I then send with pictures to the modelist I work with. She develops a more precise version of the design and sends it back to me. Then I sometimes make more test pieces with alterations. Then she does the grading, I re-test the pattern and then it will be tested.



What do you like most about your work?
Creating clothes with the idea of a whole universe: It's like a story I write every season and it's passionate. I also love that my job is to sew new clothes for me every season ;)


©Maison Fauve
©Maison Fauve

Which clothes do you like to sew best?

I don't know... I like to sew small pieces like blouses, tops, because it's easy and fast, but I'm also so proud when I finish coats or pants. These garments are the most difficult, but I really appreciate wearing a great jacket or an elegant wool coat, as beautiful as if I bought it from a great brand.

What tips can you give others to sew the perfect garment?
First choose a pattern and fabric carefully. Just because you love the fabric doesn't mean it will be beautiful for the design. Be careful with the sewing level: it can be challenging, but I think it's difficult to sew a difficult cut with a slippery fabric when you're inexperienced. You could sew a delicate fabric with a pattern you already know or an extremely difficult cut with an easy to sew fabric. Either way, take the time to make a sample and watch tutorials or videos.


Do you have any other hobbies besides sewing?
I used to ride horses when I was a child and young adult (I  had my own horse), but unfortunately I don't have time for that anymore. Now I read a lot and watch shows :)


What inspires you?
Art, haute couture fashion shows, novels: I love to visit museums, art galleries, even virtual ones. It is really inspiring, the colors, the intentions of a picture.


What do you wish for the future of Maison Fauve?
I hope that my brand will grow more and to be allowed to offer fabrics and work with other brands I like. I am lucky that Julie came to me this spring and supports me, so I'm not alone anymore. I want to offer an extensive experience: Sewing, fashion, inspiration. We are working on new sections for the blog of the website 

  • with tutorials and techniques (we already have videos for our patterns and will now work on small videos with specific techniques) and
  • a section called "l’œil Fauve", that deals topics of the season about art, books, fashion history, etc.

I would like to thank Emilie very much for taking the time to answer the questions for It's Lalu!


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